Monday, April 22, 2013

what a ride...

I was given a bit of scrap leather to play with from the shoe repairman, Mr Lee. My machine is an awesome creature I got in 1996, upon graduation from college. My grandmother had gifted me money that was originally to go towards furniture, and I initially was looking at a chair...but then I met Bernie 1000. Grandma Fink approved. I believe she told my mom "oh they are so soft..." Mom didn't quite understand what she meant, but I did.

She sews leather like a dream. Nice and soft.

Friday, April 19, 2013


It's not the most fun part, but it is most essential. Writing up my proposal for a workshop I'd like to teach in Seattle.

But how to write up "using it all, or as much as you can!"? I love the little sweet nothing's I've dubbed the Pouches (sometimes the Pooches) and always start there. But my imagination runs wild as I cut the fabric and find out what it wants to be made into. I let the fabrics tell me as I go along. Where does that seam belong? What kind of closure do you want? What do you want to be used as?

Trying to convey in words and images that going into any project you might have one thing you know you want to make (& make as many of as you have fabric-for me it's the Pooches) is tricky and not near as fun as playing with the garments, but a necessity.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Yesterday my husband and I went to yoga together. A rarity and a joy.

My dearest teacher Uma hadn't gotten by a bank or been able to get me the $, but she so wanted to take her little pouch home with her. I told her I would bring him along and she could owe me.

My husband later told me that I was her guest at practice.

Thank you, Uma. I'm lucky to have you back in my life. I've missed you.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It seems fitting that my very first Pouch sale is to my lovely yoga teacher; as I was her first student in Portland (myself and a friend). 

It actually makes me feel really good about where I see these little guys going. Her positive energy is supporting and lifting me. Heaven knows she's gonna be my biggest cheerleader. :)

I am taking this little Pouch to her tomorrow before practice. I can hardly wait to see the joy in her eyes and the smile on her face as she holds it in her hands. 
Currently there isn't anything listed at my etsy store but when there is, I'll let you know.